2151 Colerain


Built in 1885, this mixed-use building most recently housed a locally-owned tailor shop through the mid 1990's. This property

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1007 Dayton


At the corner of Dayton and Freeman in the heart of Cincinnati’s West End lies this two building treasure.

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1925 Vine


A late-19th century gem, 1121 Dayton is located on a street once known as "Millionaire's Row" for the many wealthy industrialists who called it home.

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1121 Dayton


A late-19th century gem, 1121 Dayton is located on a street once known as "Millionaire's Row" for the many wealthy industrialists who called it home.

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251 Pershing


OTR A.D.O.P.T. crossed the river into Covington's Mainstrasse neighborhood to complete the full renovation of this Civil War Era building at 251 Pershing Ave.

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468 Dayton


Just steps from Millionaire's Row, 468 Dayton was stabilized by OTR A.D.O.P.T. and adopted in 2017. The building is now occupied by two families.

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1 Findlay


Sandwiched between two other OTR A.D.O.P.T. success stories, 1 Findlay was adopted by Patricia Bittner and Andre Bilokur and

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1737 Elm


Named for the old painted sign discovered behind the storefront, the Finders Keepers buildings are one of OTR A.D.O.P.T.'s earliest rescue projects.

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313 Seitz


As 1970's renovations are stripped away, new owner Matt Duda is complementing 313 Seitz's historic brick and beams with modern touches.

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1833 Vine


The "Apotheke Building" once housed a drug store on the ground floor. Construction was recently completed on two apartments and a white-boxed commercial space.

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201 Mulberry


One of the oldest homes in Over-the-Rhine, 201 Mulberry was adopted by Tim Westrich, who completed a full historic tax credit rehabilitation of the building into three apartments.

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1620 Walnut


This two-family dwelling located near the Moerlein Brewery was acquired and renovated by OTR A.D.O.P.T. in 2013.

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512 E 12th


Husband and wife team Patricia and Andre Bittner took on this four-story Italianate building in Pendleton, successfully rehabilitating the building into six 1 bedroom apartment units.

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2 Hust


Just off the beaten path of upper Vine Street, this semi-secluded property is waiting to be restored as a single-family home.

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1667 Hamer


Dilapidated in 2012, the "Tailor Shop" is now beautifully renovated, and has become the launching pad for John Blatchford's subsequent creation of Kunst and Kunsthous.

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1526 Chase


Once faced with severe structural issues and possible demolition, this historic Northside home was adopted and rescued in 2013 by local developers Morning Mist LLC.

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517 W McMicken


Situated along one of Cincinnati's most intact historic streetscapes, 517 W McMicken is being rehabilitated into a mix of Section 8 and market rate housing.

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Wurth House


In 2013 the Kelpes - Dave, Marsha, and daughter Janelle - adopted and restored this long derelict structure in the Findlay Market district, reviving it as a two-family dwelling.

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